Name: Tatiana

    Birthdate: 15/03/2000

    Age 19

    Marital status: single

    Children: no

    Height: 180

    Weight: 59

    Hair: blonde

    Eyes: grey

    Build body: middle

    Education: just school

    Profession: model

    Smokes: no

    Languages: English, Russian

    Location: Europe, Tver

    Country: Russia


    Good afternoon, my name is Tatyana and I am from Tver. This is a small town in Russia. I live with my parents and younger brother. I have not yet decided on higher education. While I do not have time – I work as a model.

    Of course, I’m not such a famous model yet, I don’t have foreign shows, but I work hard and here in Tver I often participate in shows or in photo shoots. I already had several advertising companies and sometimes they even recognize me on the streets. Of course, in the future I plan to graduate, but so far I am only occupied with my modeling career.

    Many people think that this is very simple – but in fact it is also work. I spend a lot of time in the gym, with a beautician and makeup artist. I myself develop diets for myself, prepare myself separately – my family does not adhere to such a strict diet. I am a vegetarian, I only eat vegetables and legumes. I try to adhere to the sleep regimen – this is very important for complexion and skin health.

    It was generally my dream from childhood – I went to the model agency in Tver already in 7 years. Therefore, my working experience is almost 12 years. Of course, when I was in school, I did not have much free time, but after graduation I took up a career closely. A few months ago, I even took part in a show in Moscow, where they noticed me and promised to invite me to the next event. Of course, I want to become a famous model and act in films with Milan and Paris. And if I have such a goal, I will certainly achieve it.

    I also go in for sports, individually with a trainer, to be always in shape. Perhaps I’ll even become a fitness trainer – I already know a lot about this, sometimes I advise newcomers to the gym. Moreover, we do not have many good trainers in Tver, and people want to be healthy and beautiful everywhere. I feel that my mission is to help people come closer to beauty and health. I was lucky that the advertising campaigns in which I took part concerned healthy and wholesome foods, it is very important for me.

    Here in Tver it is very difficult for me to find a good guy. And I really want someone to love and care for me.

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