Name: Olga

    Birthdate: 17/10/2000

    Age: 19

    Marital status: have flat and car

    Children: 1

    Height: 180

    Weight 60

    Hair: blond

    Eyes: blue

    Build body: middle

    Education: study

    Profession: model

    Smokes: no

    Languages: Ukrainian, russian and english

    Location: Yalta

    Country: Russia


    Hello ppl, y name is Olga, im 19 years old, work like a model in model agency, have 1 children, divorce.  2 years was been marry with some man, but cant to live with him. he was been a crazy man buy for me flat and car, now i live with my child here on Yalta.

    Im looking some good man for a life, have many plans on future, want to work like a model in another country, want to do some business, i like fashion, maybe some business will be with a clothing. I live near a see, here not far from Turkish, wont on this winter to go on this country with a friends, to see collection Turkish clothing, will see maybe to do on this year this travel. Here in Yalta many come pl on see, and ppl interesting much fashion too, so have idea like this.

    I like many things, like travel, like sport, like cooking, my parents it’s old, im old child on my family, they all like work in restaurant, so we have a much good food at home, i good cooking. Like talk to much, have many friends, we meet every day and seat at cofe, i like life like this.

    I have few girlfriends here in Yalta. and have many friends on Internet, like read book, and read news, like american movie. every day see some movie. like fun movie. not dark, im much smile and like good life, so it you interesting whit me write me, and who know maybe we are like together, and will have some relationship

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