Name: Lidia

    Birthdate: 18/10/2001

    Age: 18

    Marital status: study

    Children: no

    Height: 175

    Weight 60

    Hair: brown long

    Eyes: blue

    Build body: middle

    Education: study like actor

    Profession: work on TV

    Smokes: no

    Languages: Russian, English

    Location: Kiev

    Country: Ukraine


    Hello to all, My name is Lidia, i’m from Kiev, here study like a actor, want to play on movie in future, i like this profession. Here much movie company, and many actor. Every day i have casting, have much repetition, much work here, also work like a model, i like my life.

    I want to found a man who will help me with my profession, and help me start to be a good actor, want to found some man from USA or Europe, white man i want to live a good life, want do child, want interesting life.

    Here in Kiev we have a very beauty town, we can to live here, now i live shit my family, in future want to rent flat, and start to live alone, think what child must live alone now with parents. here many children live with family all live, i don’t like this. 

    I have big family, many relatives live in Canada, in Israel, have many friends from there too, i was been on Israel, live there 6 monce, a good country. But better to be in Kiev, here much more proposition about work, and i live there.

    So if you interesting meet with me, and do some family, we can to speak about it, I need a man for a life, think to live without man itd difficult for a woman, so i try found a good man for a life, we can live here or in Evrope, but here i have work, its difficult to do propose on new place, but we can to speak about it.

    Kiss you, and have a good day, hope meet some man for a life, kiss kiss 🙂

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