Name: Elena

    Birthdate: 09/09/2000

    Age 19

    Marital status: single

    Children: no

    Height: 178

    Weight: 64

    Hair: fair

    Eyes: grey

    Build body: middle

    Education: student

    Profession: no

    Smokes: no

    Languages: English, Russian

    Location: Europe, Moscow

    Country: Russia


    My name is Elena, I’m 19 years old, I am a student and live with my parents. My friends are trying to quickly rent a house and move out, but I was very lucky with my parents, we have a close trusting relationship, so I’m not in a hurry. I’m comfortable with them.

    I am a primary school teacher. I really like to work with children, to teach them something. It’s great to be the first teacher, the very person who introduces young children to school. It depends on this person how the child will study in the future, whether he will be comfortable in school, whether a good team will be formed in the classroom. When I started studying myself, I was very lucky, I had a wonderful teacher, so all 11 years of study passed as one in our friendly class. I dream of becoming an equally good teacher. In general, I really love children. Although I am the only daughter in the family – I think I will have more than one child. Moreover, I can easily find a common language with children.

    In addition to studying, I do not work, I spend all my free time on my hobby – I really like to draw. As a child, I studied at an art school and I did very well. I continued my passion in the institute. I especially succeed in landscapes; I even went out into the countryside with an album and paints. My favorite paints are watercolors, she perfectly conveys even the slightest shade of the artist’s mood. After all, the same tree can be drawn in completely different ways. My parents encourage my hobby and always try to buy me good paints and quality brushes. And I dream that sometime my personal exhibition will take place. Let it be somewhere in a small gallery, but there will be my name and my work. In the meantime, I am improving my writing technique and developing my own style.

    I am very careful about all relationships, try not to hurt the feelings of other people. Therefore, all my feelings most often trust the drawing. It always helps – because on paper you can express sadness, joy, sadness, and longing. My friends like my work, sometimes they even ask me to give some kind of drawing. I am always happy to share my work. It is nice to see that someone needs your work.

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