Name: Anna

    Birthdate: 08/08/1999

    Age 20

    Marital status: single

    Children: no

    Height: 170

    Weight: 58

    Hair: fair

    Eyes: black

    Build body: middle

    Education: student

    Profession: no

    Smokes: no

    Languages: English, Russian

    Location: Europe, Moscow

    Country: Russia


    Hello, my name is Anna and I am a student at the Institute of Physical Education. I want to continue to work as a trainer in rhythmic gymnastics.

    I live with my parents and really love my student life. After all, until this time my whole life was devoted to sports. I have been doing rhythmic gymnastics since 4 years old. I studied at a sports school and spent every free minute, even during the holidays, in training. We have a very strong school of rhythmic gymnastics in Moscow, so there is very strong competition. I had to spend 5-6 hours a day in training. Of course, study was in the background, but I still tried not to forget about it, so I finished school pretty well.

    Thanks to gymnastics, I traveled almost the whole country, went to competitions abroad. My mother was almost always with me – she supported me very much. In fact, she has always been my best friend, and I still have a good relationship with her. In general, I really love my parents, they helped me achieve everything. They are wonderful with me.

    I have many awards from the competition, but I still did not get into the Olympic team, so after graduating from school, I still stopped at the institute and ended my sports career. So now I have as much free time as I have never had before . I can finally just walk or go to the cafe, I can leave for the weekend out of town. I really like to walk in the park, spend free time in the fresh air – I always missed him in stuffy rooms.

    I really like to stand on the embankment of the river and just watch its course. I am a very romantic person, I like flowers and romantic deeds. From my performances, I have accumulated a whole mountain of soft toys, but I remember the story of each of them.

    Now I have time for my personal life – after all, before there really was not a single free minute. I’d like to meet a man who shares my love for parks and walks.

    I really love children and plan to start coaching the smallest, from 4 years old. It’s so touching – to put them the first elements, to show the first movements. It depends on the first coach whether their life will turn out in rhythmic gymnastics. I think that I will be a good coach.

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